It is Fall in Florida … Isn’t that an oxymoron?  Seriously, can you believe it is October already??  Before we know it, our world will flash by in a blur as we tackle the hustle and bustle of the holidays and year-end both at work and home.  So, I would like to take a minute to tell you what a pleasure it has been serving as your President the last five months. Having such a terrific Board has made my position so much easier and I thank them. I hope you find them as welcoming and inclusive as I have.

I also have had a few members reach out to me to express their views for improvement and to share their thoughts and insight on what has worked in the past and maybe what didn’t work so well.  I appreciate and welcome all the tips, tricks and advice. 

I am pleased that we have seen some faces who have been absent for a while and I hope to continue to see more and more at each event.  The Board is a representation of the Chapter … The members ARE the Chapter.  Join us, get involved, help us to become the strongest, most forward-thinking, diverse chapter of ALA!

Finally, I hope to see you at this year’s PLMW on October 10th as well as our Managing Partner’s Breakfast and Associate’s Lunch on November 14th.  Then let’s finish the year with our very special Holiday Lunch on December 11th where we have time to enjoy each other’s company before we start fresh again in January.

Wishing you and yours the best until we meet again!


Upcoming Meeting

Apr 29

April 29, 2020 Monthly Meeting

Mobile and Website ADA Compliance Presentation by Carlos Keeling of Pherona



1st - Margaret Herod
4th - Mellissa Waters

4th - Donna Allen
5th - Maureen McArdle
14th - Deirdre Olden
22nd - Allyson Bisland

4th - Michelle Gerena
13th - Kimberlee Nickolas
28th - Jeanie Bybee
29th - Kim Newberry



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