Do you automagic? The Atlas Society explains the objectivist view of the art of magic as an action that aim to produce effects that appear to be impossible by the laws of logic and nature.  In the Greco-Roman world [Magic] was viewed as “any attempt to control the environment or the self by means that are either untested or untestable…” (Swatos).  The same art of magic applies to our roles in the law firms when we as an Administrator, Office Manager, CEO, HR Manager, Operations or Facilities Manager often achieve an extraordinary success in facing challenges that come with change by turning an impossible thing into a possible one thus creating magic.

            I chose for the chapter theme “Creating Magic” not only for how it fits in our roles at our firms but how it also fits in our roles as members of our Chapter.  The topic of Succession and Strategic Planning is on everyone’s minds in some shape or form.  The high percentage of partners nearing retirement is a common one across the industry and so is the percentage of our members who will be retiring in the no so distant future.  Our board is embracing this inevitable change.  We are working in finding ways to get results on the challenges that are ahead of us with succession and strategic planning that works. 

            The Board is developing new goals that combine tradition and new ideas. Our organization’s mission remains the same, to understand our members’ needs and empower our members by looking at the future of the organization with fresh ideas.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be serving as the Chapter President with highly talented officers and committee chairs.   They show up at each meeting with innovative solutions, recognition and branding ideas, strategic goals, and most importantly, making membership a good decision. 

            Hope you have enjoyed so far our roundtable discussion on e-Billing and Audits, Technology, Inclusion of Women Partners, and Succession Planning as well as our other presentations on Deciphering Hidden Messages and Implicit Bias struggles in the law firms.

            More to come are Retirement Planning, The Active Shooter including mental health in the workplace, and Moneyball for Lawyers.  And don’t forget about our focus groups in where you will be a part of in depth discussions on topics likes “You can’t teach someone something they think they already know”, “Understanding the difference without overgeneralization of culture, religion, and/or disability”, “When asking a question, it has to be asked correctly” and “Willing to fail but unwilling to quit”.   It is my wish to have convinced you to re-engaged with us if you have not been to a meeting in a while.  We need your presence and your expertise as seasoned Administrators.  Not a member but thinking about becoming one, don’t wait, reach out to our extraordinary membership committee and ask them “Why Membership is a Good Decision?”  Let’s shift our paradigm from cost to value and from clickage to building relationships.

With deepest sincerity,

Michelle Gerena

Upcoming Meeting

Sep 26

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