As I think back over the past six months, I have realized the world will never quite be the same. I am six months into my presidency of the chapter and it has been an interesting and sometimes rocky road. Again, I reiterate that this was not the kind of change I wanted to embrace but it is our new reality and we have to make the best of it.

We have all had to adjust not only how our offices are run, but how we hire and onboard new employees, have virtual meetings and conferences and manage to do our jobs. Everyday presents new challenges and we want to be there to help support you all.

All of that aside, we are still moving forward with meetings, educational speakers, and scholarship presentations. We are planning a virtual happy hour, stay tuned for details, and are moving forward with planning the Managing Partners Breakfast.

The National Chapter of ALA has also had to pivot and plan the National and CLI conferences virtually.

The keynote speaker, Daniele Umstead, at National, is a blind Paralympic skier. Her story is very impressive and she has had to overcome many obstacles over the course of her career. My take away was that no matter what was thrown at her, a positive attitude and perseverance paid off and she achieved her goals. We all need to remember that in times of hardship keeping positive will get you through the tough times.

The CLI Conference was also done virtually and it took place over the course of two weeks. Many of our board were able to attend some of the sessions. We look forward to implementing some of the ideas that were shared. Everyone across the country is struggling with the same issues and it is nice to have a network to bounce ideas around.

Know that as a board we are still committed to provide valuable educational opportunities and be there as support for all of our members.

I hope to see all of you in person soon but until then by zoom.

Stay Safe and Healthy.


Maureen McArdle


Upcoming Meeting


1st - Ray Herod
10th - Debbie Wittig
13th - Joseph Mule'
15th - Deborah Kelley
17th - Jennifer Martinez
18th - Bertha Burruezo
22nd - Christine Smith
23rd - Lisa Mills

8th - Marie Colon
10th - Melissa Lambert
11th - Christi Lane
14th - Mark Bridgeman

3rd - Helen Ficarra
12th - Danita Ellis
16th - Natalie Anderson
21st - Izzy Okoro
22nd - Judy Harris
30th - William McCallister



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