New Member Spotlight


Meet Heather Dickerson, Marketing / Human Resources Director at deBeaubien Knight Simmons Mantzaris & Neal, LLP in Orlando, Florida. The main practice area for her firm is General Litigation and currently there are 36 attorneys locally. Heather joined CFC-ALA in April of this year!

Heather, what was your first or worst job?

If I ever woke up thinking that I am in the worst job of my life, I would quit that day. My very first job was as a barista at a franchise in Lake Mary. They were only open for six months but it was plenty of time to learn the magic of coffee!

What is one thing we may be interested in learning about you?

I am a certified scuba diver; however, I ruptured my eardrums on multiple occasions so I can't dive deep anymore. I go to the Keys every year to dive for lobster.

Who is your favorite Rock Star?

Hands down my favorite rock star is Sting. He has such a charismatic yet edgy persona about him. His music reminds me of my childhood.

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