Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for dissemination of information to prospective members, recruitment of qualified applicants, maintenance of membership records, processing membership renewal applications, and reconciling membership lists with ALA headquarters. The membership committee welcomes new members and assigns to each a seasoned Chapter member to serve as their mentor.

To request information about our Chapter or the ALA, or to change your membership record, please contact the Membership Committee or visit our Membership page and download an application.

Programs / Education Committee

The purpose of the programs and education committee is to present timely and pertinent information for the professional and personal development of our members. The committee is responsible for securing speakers and venues for all educational events and members meetings. The committee's goal is to fulfill the educational needs of our chapter members and they welcome your ideas for seminar topics, speakers and forums. Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions or offers of assistance.

For more information, please contact the Education Committee.

Survey Committee

The Survey Committee is responsible for the preparation and dissemination of the Chapter's annual compensation and benefits survey which provides our members with up-to-date data on salary, benefits and other operational information in the greater Orlando area. The survey results are compiled by a third-party vendor and are provided free of charge to those members who respond to the questionnaire.

For more information about the Chapter survey or to request a copy of the results, please contact Stephen Feran

User / Focus Groups

Our Chapter is committed to providing its members with up-to-date, pertinent information that will assist them in being effective law firm administrators and functional specialists. Focus groups and user groups offer members educational and networking opportunities in small, content-specific groups. Each group is chaired by a chapter member who volunteers to plan and organize meetings. The chairperson of the Focus Groups Committee is responsible for maintaining the master calendar for all the various groups.

Our current User/Focus Groups are listed at the end of this section.

Business Partner Committee

The Vendor Relations Committee plans the Chapter's Annual Business Partner Expo and provides assistance throughout the year to our Vendor Sponsors. They are responsible for developing and disseminating our Vendor Sponsorship Program, coordinating sponsors with the appropriate Chapter events, and maintaining our master vendor database.

For more information about vendor sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Business Partner Committee. 

Click here for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

Member Communications Committee

The Website Committee is charged with coordinating the efforts of the Chapter and its various committees to establish and maintain an online presence for the benefit of Chapter members. Its mission is to provide our members with useful, up-to-date information and resources, and to familiarize visitors with the benefits of membership.

For more information about our website or to submit content, please contact the Member Communications Committee.

CLM Study Group

CLM Study Group - Georgette Freid, CLM is chairing this group. Please contact Georgette if you have interest in restarting the study group. The CLM Exam will be given November 4, 2019 and April 20, 2020! Now is the time to start the application process if you're thinking about taking the exam. Here's the link for the CLM Education Requirements.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Focus Group normally meets over lunch bimonthly. Topics of discussion include current issues in employment law, employer compliance requirements, local employment trends, employee benefits, compensation systems, employment related software and other employment related topics. If you have suggestions for discussion topics or want more information about the Human Resources Focus Group, please contact Katie Shaw.

Large Firm Administrators

The Large Firm Administrators Focus Group was formed to meet a very specific need of members employed by large firms. These administrators discuss issues endemic to large law firms. For more information, please contact our Board.

Small Firm Administrators

The Small Firm Administrators Focus Group was formed for the purpose of facing the challenges encountered by the members employed by small firms. The firm size for this group is twenty or less attorneys. However, administrators from large multi-office firms who are located in smaller satellite offices may find this group beneficial. For more information, please contact our Board.