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Industry: Banking/Legal Speciality Group
Contact: Chris Pantano, chris.pantano@suntrust.com
Phone: 407-237-2407


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Industry: Office Equipment
Contact: Tony Boni, aboni@saxon.net


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Industry: Computer Consulting
Contact: Rob Daugherty, rob.daugherty@bdcon.comPhone: 941-378-4377


Industry: Office Equipment
Contact: Mike Hamdan, mikehamdan@myadsusa.com
Phone: 407-412-6929 ext. 102


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Industry: Office Equipment
Contact: Danielle Berger, dberger@csa.canon.com
Phone: 407-712-1646


Industry:  Legal Process Outsourcing
Contact: Chris Eckl, Vice President, Business Development, ceckl@lawdocsxpress.com
Phone: 404-545-1463


Industry:  Litigation Support
Contact: Chelsea Decker, chelsea@orangelegal.com
Phone: 800-275-7991


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Industry: Supplies, Printing and Promotional Products
Contact: Jeremy Ryckman, jeremy@americasofficesource.com
Phone: 407-832-3450


Industry: Office Coffee Service
Contact: John Bossong, jbossong@royalcupcoffee.com
Phone:  813-917-2151


Industry: Printer/Engraver
Contact: Susan Jacobs, sjacobs@aslegal.com
Phone: 908.956.6513


Industry: Court Reporting and Litigation Support
Contact:  CJ Bosco, cbosco@uslegalsupport.com and Morgan Deneen, mdennen@uslegalsupport.com
Phone: 407-649-9193


Industry:  Facilities Management
Contact:  Kathy Mozar, kmozar@istmanagement.com
Phone: 312-218-0971


Industry: Legal supplies, engraving, printing, and software
Contact: Les Josephson, lij@blumb.com
Phone: 321-356-4683


Industry:  Professional Liability Insurance
Contact: Brenda Kouwenhoven, brenda@kouwen.com
Phone: 407-774-5556


Industry: Office Furniture
Contact: Jillian McCluskey, jmccluskey@workscapes.com
Phone: 407-470-1375


Industry: Document and Information Technology/Managed Services
Contact: Fabian Barbosa, Fabian.Barbosa@ricoh-usa.com
Phone: 407-838-9062


Industry: Information Management
Contact: Kim A. Greber, kgreber@accesscorp.com
Phone: 321-304-2434


Industry: Information Technology
Contact: Lori Lee, llee@teamnorthpoint.com, Brian Killian, bkillian@teamnorthpoint.com 
Phone: 407-657-6600


Industry: Office Equipment - (Copiers, Printers, and Digital Dictation)
Contact: Jessie Downey, jessie.downey@ebs-fl.com
Phone: 407-447-6800


Industry: Legal Staffing and eDiscovery Solutions
Contact: Tony Foreman & Sean Moro
Phone: 407-454-6565


Industry: Copiers, Scanners, IT Support, Printers, Software Solutions Services, Toner
Contact: Tony Guadalupe, Tguadalupe@naofficesolutions.com
Phone: 407-264-0283


Industry: Legal Consulting
Contact: Katie Kennedy, kkennedy@affinityconsulting.com
Phone: 727-544-5400


Industry: Business IT Services
Contact: Tim Taylor, ttaylor@taylorworks.com and Dennis Ciabatoni, dciabatoni@taylorworks.com
Phone: 407-478-6600


Industry: Staffing
Contact: Maria Breen, maria.breen@SuitsOn.com
Phone: 407-367-5150


Industry: Furniture
Contact: Joni Luce, Joni.Luce@cort.com
Phone: 407-678-2677


Industry: Hospitality
Contact: Nikki DeSantis, Nikki.DeSantis@Groups360.com
Phone: 772-485-9049


Industry: Insurance
Contact: Jack Compton, jack@sheabarclay.com
Phone: 813-418-3487